Attached are the lesson plans, presentations, worksheets, and resources that are available under a creative commons licence for you to use, adapt, and teach within your schools. They are designed primarily for year 12/13 students in England / s6 students in Scotland, however, they have also been used with younger students and worked very well with some assistance.

I hope these are helpful in teaching descriptive and inferential statistics and that your students find them as fun as I did making them!

Workshop 1:

2017-05-18 23_57_25-PowerPoint Slide Show - [Workshop 1]

Lesson Plan / Powerpoint Presentation / Worksheet / Resources

Workshop 2:

2017-05-18 23_57_53-PowerPoint Slide Show - [Workshop 2]

Lesson Plan / Powerpoint Presentation / Worksheet / Resources

Additional Resources:

   Client brief of the outreach project

   Workshop suitability to the SQA Advance Higher Geography specification

   Workshop suitability to the Ofqual GCE Geography specification

   Guide to teaching data presentation techniques in R Studio using ggplot2

⊕   Poster (English Ofqual Version / Scottish SQA Version)