Media Portfolio

Blog Writing for GeoSciences Student Experience:

13th December, 2016 Living the Commuter’s Life as a Carbon Data Analyst Intern

8th December, 2016 Geoscience Outreach and Engagement

24th October, 2016 Sunbathing on a glacier, and other fieldwork things…

30th September, 2016 Introduction

Newsletter Creator for University of Edinburgh Geographical Society:

3rd Quarter: February 2017 – ‘How to be a Geographer?

2nd Quarter: November 2016 – ‘Where are they now?’ Editon

1st Quarter: September 2016 – Fieldwork Edition

Berlin/Western Isles Fieldwork Video

Iceland Fieldwork Video

Social Media Platforms for UofE School of Geoscience:

Instagram – edinunigeosciences

Twitter – UoE Geos Students

Facebook – University of Edinburgh – Geosciences

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